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BeCandle Dim Sum Wax diffusers - Siu Mai

BeCandle Dim Sum Wax diffusers - Siu Mai


These are so cute and giftable and not only do they look cute but they smell amazing. The wax will diffuse scent. 


Scent:No.10 SHOUMEI

Green / Floral / Musky

Scent Notes: White tea, Jasmine, Citrus, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk

草香 / 花香 / 麝香

香調: 白茶、茉莉、柑橘、檀香、香根草、麝香

Each pack contains 2 pieces inside the traditional Bamboo steaming box.


Mineral Wax
Fine Fragrance
Essential Oil

Dim sum wax approx. 20g x 2

Bamboo Steamer Dimension: 100 (dia.) x 75 (H) mm

  • Country of Origin

    Hong Kong

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