Bornn colorama enamel tumbler

Bornn Colorama Enamel Tumbler


Finally the collection that kicked of our love of enamelware and the brand that brought enamel back into fashion has landed!


Gorgeous bold coloured enamel tumblers by the amazing Bornn. Handmade in Turkey by artisans.


These products are made by fusing glass onto heavy guage steel. Enameled steel is incredibly strong, but the glass top coat will chip if handled too roughly or dropped onto hard surfaces (revealing the steel frame underneath) remember it is still safe to eat from your enamelware dishes even if the steel underneath the glass is exposed.


During the production process of enamelware products are hung for drying and firing under their rims therefore flash rust can appear in these areas, they can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

  • Size

    250cl, 10cm

  • country of origin

    made in Turkey

  • Care

    Can be used in Dishwasher, Oven, Hob, Freezer, Fridge.


    Do not use these brightly coloured Bornn dishes for acidic food or drinks as they may affect the colour. Do not try to remove stains with lemon juice like the white enamelware. Do not use abrasive sponges or brushes to clean.