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Handmade table runner- yellow birds

Handmade table runner- yellow birds

I have a story to tell about our table runners pictured above - bear with it - I love a story, it's makes homeware so much more meaningful. There is an island in the Yangtze river estuary, just to the north of Shanghai. On this island live a lot of women who came here from all over China, bringing with them their own cultures and regional textile designs. Chongming island is nothing like the flashy lights of Shanghai but instead has lakes, forests, wetlands and small rural communities. The fabric made by these ladies is completely hand crafted fabric, hand spun ya rns on ancient looms, hand woven into fabric then hand dyed in big baths or hand printed with plant based dyes. It is a labour of love and lots of their fabrics have stories and symbolism incorporated such as fish, flowers or phoenix. These fabrics are often gifted at weddings. Each piece is made around 10 meters long and in variable widths but usually narrow. Perfect for us to craft into runners, make bright table layouts and talk about over dinner!
  • Size

    42cm wide by 195cm long

  • care instructions

    Machine wash on cold or handwash. Do not tumble dry. Colour may come out first time as they are plant based natural dyes so wash alone. 

  • Fibre

    100% Cotton, hand spun, hand made and hand dyed in natural plant based dye.

  • country of origin

    The secret depths of China

  • extra notes

    As these fabrics are handmade completely, they are not perfect. You may find ink splodges, overlap print, some bits of cotton twig even in the yarn and sometimes some faint marks from their tools etc. These are part of the character of this product.

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