Kiondo floor basket  in White with handles XXL

Kiondo floor basket in White with handles XXL

SKU: 1718S

Large XXL floor baskets with handles are wide and low, good for carrying large items or quickly collecting essentials for a weekend trip.

Beautiful Nordic design and skilful Kenyan weaving are guided by core values of uniqueness, joy and responsibility. These are reflected in every aspect of basket making and the dedication artisans show to Mifuko and their communities.

Handmade white floor basket can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is woven from as much recycled plastic as possible, yet remains food safe and easy to clean with just water.

Each Mifuko product carries the name of its maker.

  • Material

    Partially recycled plastic and sisal with leather handles.

  • Size

    XXL: 30cm deep x 50cm wide. 33cm handles