Large Mkeka shopper basket

Large Mkeka shopper basket

SKU: M9510L

Large Mkeka shopper basket is the perfect summer bag. It's large enough for carrying everything you need at a picnic and stylish to finish your look. The tight weave makes the baskets strong and durable, yet soft and pliable. 

The artisans gather the fallen palm leaves from Mkeka, a type of palm tree native to Kenya, and craft them into beautiful, sophisticated baskets.

These unique, hand-woven Mkeka baskets are made by artisans living among the tree-covered hills of southern Kenya. The safe, joyful craftwork helps families and communities while empowering women and preserving traditional weaving skills.

Mifuko are certified member of World Fair Trade organization and each of the bags is signed by the artisan who made it. They also collaborated with Chloe, making their basket bags for this season.

  • Material

    Palm Tree leaves

  • Size

    Large: 40cm deep x 35cm wide. 33cm strap