Rocks - The original Whiskey rocks

Rocks - The original Whiskey rocks


So these fab little granite rocks were designed to cool whiskey, nice smooth edges to protect your glass, we are definitely repurposing them for our wine and gin. No need to ever water them down again with ice!

Here's the brand blurb-

Discover fast-cooling non-diluting round solid granite stones used to perfectly cool fine spirits without watering down your drink. Each of the 6 whiskey stones has a different color and granite-style making each set unique and stand out beautifully. Elevate your drinking experience or spoil a loved one with our bestseller.  Enjoy Whiskey Chilled At The Perfect Temperature Your selected dram, cooled down and ready to taste the way master distillers intended it to be. Awarded & loved by thousands including industry experts, our stunning whiskey stones are a Connoisseur's must have. Discover A New Whiskey Tasting Experience

  • Size

    each stone is 1.37"x0.78" or 3.5cm x 2cm

  • Material

    granite stones with a wooden storage & presentation tray.