Spin ceramic mug - Under-glaze red

Spin ceramic mug - Under-glaze red


From the amazing Spin Ceramics come these large chunky mugs with their slash effect in the glaze. These mugs are BIG and each one will be slightly different as they are handmade.


As always there's a story behind this effect so get ready - 

Underglazered porcelain is first hand painted a copper oxide-based pigment on the white biscuit, over-glazed with transparent glaze, and then fired in 1300Cº under inner flame (reduction firing). During Xuande Era of Ming Dynasty and Kangxi, Yongzheng Eras of Qing Dynasty, underglaze red reached its peak, and painted porcelain using both underglaze red and China blue also appeared. Underglaze red has a wide range of its color effect, usually bright red, often dark red or light red with green or white spots, sometimes pink or yellow color appearing along the edge similar to blurring effects of ink painting on rice paper, full of irregularities. However, underglaze red requires rigid temperature control during firing, because it is extremely sensitive to kiln temperature, and it would turn to proper red color only under inner flame, much more difficult than firing China blue. Therefore, underglaze red wares available today are very rare, even the underglaze red relics discovered from Yuan Tombs were not considered successful.

  • Size

    12cm x 10cm