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005 Lavender Juniperberi 6PM space diffuser

005 Lavender Juniperberi 6PM space diffuser


005 LAVENDER JUNIPERBERI [Herbal]Stylish and yet reassuring. This aromatic scent gives a crisp first impression of juniperberry and mint, reminds of a night out with Gin. Citrus and white flower then brings out lavender and woody note that is timeless and comforting. T: Juniperberry, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Mint M: Lavender, Freesia, Jasmine B: Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood Designed to continuously fill any space with a lush and delightful scent.


Our Space Diffuser is carefully crafted with premium grade phthalate-free fragrance oil and eco-solvent Augeo™ Clean Multi made from renewable resources. Product ingredients are blended by skillful hands before being poured into our signature green bottle, and finished with a simplistic product label. - 110 mL of Space Diffuser oil comes packaged in our signature green bottle. This bottle is selected for its narrow neck to prevent potential wastage of oil from evaporation. - 8 reeds of duo textures: 4 fiber reeds and 4 rattan reeds are included for a stylish display. - Last for 2-3 months when flipped weekly. - Duration may vary depending on the actual size of the space, ventilation and other factors.

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    2-3 months

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