Antique Chinese "Kung Fu" Bench

Antique Chinese "Kung Fu" Bench

The gorgeous bench is darker elm. Has a little quirky wavy wear one one leg but perfectly able to stand up tall. Detailed carving supports to legs. Typical narrow seat design. Perfect for your house in France or Castle in Scotland. These benches were nicknamed Kung Fu benches because they were commonly found in homes, tea houses, and taverns all over China and could be turned into weapons. Kung Fu masters trained their students how to repurpose everyday objects against conventional weapons and take the advantage. It sounds boring now but in our home these hold candles and vases and sit nicely underneath some big street art. Their slim design doesn't take up floor space into your room so they can fit perfectly in hallways or wherever.
  • size

    132cm long by 53.4cm high and 17cm depth to seat. 

  • Material

    Elm wood

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